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Founded in 1999, is the Web’s home for cigar aficionados who are incredibly selective when it comes to their smokes. The company is built around its staff, which is widely recognized as the most knowledgeable tobacconists in the United States. Their consultants work one on one with customers to answer the toughest questions and help select the perfect cigar to match the tastes of each individual consumer. All of the cigars sold by are stored and aged in a carefully monitored climate controlled facility in the U.S. Furthermore; all purchases are handpicked by cigar experts to ensure the highest quality in packaging and shipment. If you are as serious about cigars as Shorty Rossi, then is your only stop when it comes to filling all of your cigar needs.Purchase your Shorty Cigar today! 10% of the proceeds go to Shorty’s Charities!

Santa Clarita AnimalsSanta Clarita Animals
Domestic and Exotic Animals For Film, TV, Commercials, Print, Private Events, trained by owner and operator Timothy Williams.

Pet Portraits by Nadine LockitchPet Portraits by Nadine Lockitch
Beautiful life-like portraits of your pet, faithfully rendered in acrylic on canvas. Original hand painted artwork from your photos… A treasured keepsake or the perfect gift for your favorite pet lover.

No Flakes Web DesignNo Flakes Web Design
No Flakes Web Design specializes in custom website design and Graphics for internet and print, website construction, website redesign, and website maintenance. We are responsive and easy to reach. We return calls, we don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we won’t break the bank. 310-601-7861

Dawn TarrDawn Tarr Studio
If she had to describe herself, Dawn would use the one word that has been used to describe her by many other artists and friends, Prolific. She creates with her moods. She creates all the time. She is a humble artist who appreciates each art sale like a gift making it’s way out to the world. Inspired by artists of her time, such as Lassen, Bev Doolittle and Scott Gustofson and most of the masters, her art is very colorful and brings people out from all over the world with very colorful personalities.

HandsOn Gloves
HandsOn Gloves are a revolutionary concept that reaches far beyond the traditional curry combs, mitts and shedders on the market today. Wet or dry, they won’t slip or fall off while providing you and your animals with a more thorough and enjoyable bathing and grooming experience.

Metro Paws® LLC is a Family-Run Pet Business. We Are Dog Owners. We Are Dog LOVERS. We Are Eco, Chic and Unique.

Get your paws on Poopy Packs® (including our new Poopy Packs XL™ and Poopy Packs for Cats™!),

The Poopcase®, Metro Pads®, Metro Balls™, The Metro Cube™, The Metro Paws Tote and our EXCLUSIVE Smear Campaign® Poolitical Bags! DON’T FORGET our 501(c)3 Love and Licks® Foundation collection – a percentage of proceeds from those product sales goes back to the pups!

opened their eyes to the possibilities of Hemp. Only 5 percent of the population even knows what Hemp is. We want to educate the masses and get this incredible compound into the hands of those that need it.

Chews Happiness
At Chews Happiness™, we believe that the Happiness you put into the world ripples outward, transmits Happiness to others, and changes lives.

Created with that vision in mind, our goal is to bring about positive social change by spreading Happiness to dogs, their parents, traditional artisans across the globe, and our planet’s ecosystem.

We call that the Happiness Cycle and we invite YOU to be part of it!

Black Gold Pets
Black Gold Powder The only dark colored styptic powder alternative! Made with detoxifying minerals and soothing organic herbs. BG Powder conceals while it heals!

World Dog Expo
The World Dog Experience will provide opportunities for the dog and owner to participate together in sports, education, training and other bonding experiences. Also, the show will work to promote dog rescue, fostering and adoption.

Perhaps the main attraction of World Dog Expo will be the notable trade show event, featuring a huge array of dog–centered products. Attendees will be able to find the newest and best products for their canine companions. Participating vendors will benefit from the unprecedented exposure created for the event.

Preston Speaks is an online pet magazine written in the voice/viewpoint of Preston, a West Highland White Terrier (Westie). Preston is an Internet star, model, and actor, who makes appearances around the country. They cover topics such as pet lifestyle, pet issues, product reviews, giveaways, pet rescues, and the adventures of Preston, his brother Elvis (a Westie and puppy mill survivor), and his little sister Daisy (a Westie too!)

cigars for warriors

Cigars For Warriors
Our top priority is collecting then dispersing premium cigars and accessories to American Service Men & Women serving in combat zones.

WPPBFWestern Pennsylvania Police Benevolent Fund Western Pennsylvania Police Benevolent Foundation 
It is the purpose of the Western Pennsylvania Police Benevolent Foundation to provide assistance to injured police officers in need. This assistance may be in the form of information about available resources or monetary aid to help ease the financial burden in a time of crisis.

The Portland Pit Bull Project
The Portland Pit Bull Project is dedicated to bringing awareness in the Portland Oregon area about pit bulls specifically and bully breeds in general. Our goal as an advocacy is to help the public better understand that this breed type, and the several breed types typically identifed as pit bulls, are capable of being safe and loyal family pets.

Fresno Bully Rescue

Fresno Bully Rescue
FBR’s job is to provide a healthy and loving temporary home while we look for forever homes for our bullies. In addition, FBR is commited to promoting responsible ownership of bully breeds, fighting against breed discrimination, spaying and neutering pets, reporting dog fighting, and demonstrating to the community that bully breeds are loyal, loving, and wonderful forever companions.

My Pit Bull Is Family
Minneapolis, MN based non-profit working to unite all animal lovers to end insurance & housing discrimination towards all dogs & their families across the country.

Goughnuts pet toys are designed to address the simple but serious issue of SAFETY.  The GoughNuts chew toys are designed knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand.   Each GoughNuts Ring and or Stick has included in it’s design the GoughNuts patent pending visual safety indicator where Green/Black/Orange/Yellow means “Go” and Red means “Stop”.  We also offer many interactive products (Ball, TuG, Kups).  All have Shorty’s dogs have a goughnuts toy.

Linda Blair WorldHeart FoundationLinda Blair World Heart Foundation
LBWF is a non- profit, 501c3 tax deductible organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abused, neglected, and abandon animals from the harsh streets of the Los Angeles area, as well as from the overcrowded and overwhelmed city and county animal shelters. Shorty’s Pit Bull Rescue donates its proceeds to LBWF and also houses some of its pit bull rescues.

Pinups for PitbullsPinups for Pitbulls
Pinups for Pit Bulls, Inc. works to educate the public about the history and temperament of the American Pit Bull Terrier and Bully Breeds, to raise awareness about Breed Specific Legislation and Breed-Specific abuse, and to raise funds for bully-breed-friendly rescues and dogs in need. Our goal is to reestablish the defamed reputation of the Pit Bull as America’s premier companion animal, war hero, and therapy dog.

Sunny Dog InkSunny Dog Ink
Sunny Dog Ink provides pet first aid and safety tips to help owners keep their pets healthy and well. You can even sign up for Pet First Aid and CPR classes as well as buy a variety of products for your pet, such as a Pet First Aid Kit.